MMA Betting Options

When betting on MMA, there are a variety of different wagers available. The most popular types of bets include moneylines, total rounds and props. Moneyline bets are simple to place and offer a fixed amount of winnings on a successful wager. Odds on a moneyline are given in format such as +200, -300 or -150, which represents the amount of money you would have to bet to win $100.

The odds on a moneyline will vary depending on the fighters involved in the fight. This is because a fighter’s fighting style will influence how they are likely to win the fight. For example, a grappler who uses wrestling techniques will be more likely to win by submission, while a fighter that relies on striking will be more likely to score a knockout.

Another popular UFC betting option is the Over/Under round wager, which is a bet on how many rounds a fight will last. Fight Over/Unders usually start at a 1.5 round mark and go up to 4.5 rounds. Fight Over/Unders can be placed alone or attached to a moneyline and can be won if the fighter wins in the number of rounds set by the betting line.

You can also bet on Method of Victory in MMA matches, which enables you to place a wager on how a fighter will win a particular match. Typically, this bet type will have three options for you to choose from: win by KO/TKO, win by submission or by decision. Fight outcome bets are easy to make and can result in some pretty decent payouts, especially if you are able to pick the exact winner of a particular match.

Lastly, you can also bet on how many rounds a fight is going to last with the round props. This type of bet requires you to predict how many rounds a fight will last and it doesn’t matter which fighter wins, as long as they win in the rounds specified by the betting line. This bet can also be combined with the round and the go the distance props to increase your chances of winning.

Most sportsbooks have their MMA odds listed ahead of the event and you can either place pre-event bets or make live bets during the fight. Most sportsbooks also offer a range of promotional offers to encourage bettors to participate including risk-free tokens and parlay boosts.

The best MMA betting sites have extensive menus of both prop and moneyline bets and have dedicated pages for each event. BetMGM’s UFC menu is one of the most advanced and has a number of useful features that help players make informed decisions. The site’s live betting options and the ability to edit bets in your bet slip are a big draw and its range of promotions add to its appeal. Its customer service is second to none and it accepts deposits from legal states.